Read on while we unpack what mediation is and why it is widely used.

Qualified Mediators

We are qualified mediators specializing in a variety of mediation.


What is Mediation

Mediation is a process where disagreements over various issues or disputes are resolved by a neutral third party (a Mediator). The role of the Mediator is to facilitate discussions and understanding around issues of dispute/conflict in order to reach mutually acceptable solutions and agreements. The Mediator may also provide information pertaining to the applicable Law.

Primary Mediation Areas

Family Law Mediation

Family Law Mediation is a peaceful yet effective alternative to divorce litigation.  It is a form of dispute resolution between two or more parties with concrete effects.

Court Annexed Mediation

Court-annexed Mediation is aimed at facilitating an expeditious and cost-effective resolution of a dispute between litigants or potential litigants.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is a confidential, informal and voluntary process whereby an impartial mediator facilitates communication between those.

Commercial Mediation

Each year, many millions of business transactions take place. Occasionally, disagreements develop over these business transactions.

Mediation X

Any matter can mediated if parties adopt the mindset to resolve the issues in dispute.  Mediation is a process used to settle disputes between countries.

School Mediation

Positive experiences of education are crucial in child-development, and good relationships between key-players impact on educational outcomes.

Why Mediate


The mediation process is much quicker than pursuing a case to Litigation. Mediation is 70% less expensive than a court process and Parties may also agree to share the already reduced costs of this process.


While court hearings are public, mediation remains confidential and inadmissible as evidence in any court unless otherwise discoverable in terms of law.  This in itself makes the process less traumatic for parties.


While the Mediator resides over the process, the Parties retain control over the outcome and can abandon the process at any time.


The matter is dealt with in the comfort of a private office/boardroom as opposed to unnerving Courtrooms

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